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Beware of the Book First People

Posted by John Reid on Oct 19, 2018 4:44:30 PM

Many training companies begin with a book.  A thought leader, a researcher, someone with passion and dedication takes their energy and writes a book. They focus on dysfunctional teams, leadership principles or driving sales performance.  So far, so good. 

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Topics: high performing teams, insight, training design, learner engagement, curriculum design, training book, learner-centric

Eat or Like the Oatmeal – The Use of Leadership Authority

Posted by John Reid on Jul 6, 2018 3:00:00 PM

I met with a newly minted leader and long-time colleague, who is both highly collaborative and highly engaging. He cares about his people in a visceral way. I congratulated him on his promotion while warning him that there was the potential for him to fail due to a blind spot in his approach. I stated that he may fail the eat the oatmeal or like the oatmeal challenge.

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Topics: brain science, coaching, communication, leadership, trust, teamwork, high performing teams, cooperation, understanding, learner engagement, sales, relationship

Your Workplace Learner: tabula rasa?

Posted by John Reid on Dec 4, 2017 12:21:02 PM

Are your employees tabula rasa?

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Topics: training design, learner engagement, curriculum design

Design High

Posted by John Reid on Nov 2, 2017 7:06:58 PM

Stop feeding the lowest common denominator

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Topics: training design, learner engagement, curriculum design

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